Mariana is a creative visualist who loves to tell stories. She is a writer and director who finds her ideas and characters in normal day to day life, constantly inspired by the world around her and what she sees, hears and experiences.  Born and raised just outside of Toronto to Croatian parents, Mariana graduated from the Sheridan College Film and Television program in Oakville, Ontario. She then spent some years art directing music videos, and working as a set decorator in commercials and independent films. In 2011 she went to Berlin to focus on writing and directing, however fell in love with the city and decided to make it her home base. There she directed two short films amongst other independent projects. ‘Bruises. Cake. & Cigarettes.’ screened internationally and was awarded Best Short at the 2012 Short Soup Film Festival in Sydney. Mariana’s time spent in the art department influences her creative choices as a director, both through her hands on attention to detail in the production design and framing, as well as her chosen colour palettes.

During her time spent working amidst the Berlin nightlife and co-running an after hour club, her earlier trilogy concept of short films called ‘& Cigarettes’ developed into the script for ‘Coke. Champagne. & Cigarettes.’, her debut feature length film. Currently she is focused on the post-production of CCC while developing the connected transmedia project Y:FRAgMENTEd. She is also developing the script for her second feature length film, ‘Zoe’s List’ (WT) and first short documentary ‘Selo’. Within the framework of ‘Coke, Champagne. & Cigarettes’, Mariana participated with scholarship in the flagship training course organized by the European Women’s Audiovisual Association, called ‘Multiple Revenue Stream Training for Future Films’.


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